Shweta Sharan

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Shweta Sharan

Content Manager

Shweta Sharan has the magic of words and the power of expression as her two greatest strengths as her journey being a journalist spread to being a passionate writer and editor. She has worked with the Timesgroup, Mint, Deccan Herald, the Hindu and Buzzing bubs, not just generating written pieces but also infuse it with liveliness and creativity. She also plays an active role at I Love Mondays as a Development Strategist.

She emphatically stresses that there have been great moments of triumph with career and life in general, but that everything else pales in comparison to the moment that she held her daughter in her arms and felt the first flavour of motherhood.

To keep the creativity alive and kicking, she greatly indulges in reading and writing fiction. Her other creative pursuits would be travelling and cooking.

JK. Rowling is someone that inspires her as the author talks about The Fringe Benefits of Failure and allows Shweta the freedom to map it to her own life and the journey of life. To support her choices in her personal and professional life and live passionately, she quotes Albert Einstein, “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will get you everywhere.”

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