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Holistic Financial Wellness Program – Advanced


They are largely at the prime age and, unlike the millennials who are finding their identity capital, this age group has achieved peak performance with higher disposable income. They are concerned with achieving their personal milestones which includes secure financial freedom for their retirement and other goals.


By conducing onsite Life & Money workshops with sessions for 4 hours / 6 hours / 8 hours.

Followed by online ‘Nudge’ programs to help them implement the action plans drawn by them at the workshop to help achieve their personal and financial goals.

Voluntary one to one coaching and support to help them achieve their personal and financial goals.

AUDIENCE 35-45 age group segment

CHANNEL Through offline and online channels

Women and Finance


Women drop out from the workforce very early on to start a family or move to another location due to transfer of their spouses. Companies lose highly efficient and productive workers.

During the sabbatical, women often lack confidence and they may feel many times that they have lost their independence; the crucial one being financial independence. Research has shown that if women can be empowered early on to save and invest during their working years, they are more motivated to get back to work and regain their confidence and financial independence.


A hands-on training program to ensure that women get financially empowered and implement their action plans immediately. It also boosts their confidence levels, helps them make informed decisions in many aspects of their lives, participate proactively in the family’s decision making process, help them plan and lead a healthy, wealthy and happy life.

AUDIENCE Women in corporations

CHANNEL Onsite 1-day workshop followed by one to one support

The Liveliness Project


Our experience and interactions indicate that people in the mid-level segment have lost their enthusiasm to work because they feel they are stagnating in their career. Surveys show that they are the most stressed out segment because they are the ‘sandwiched’ generation. They feel guilty that they neither do have enough energy to raise their young kids or take care of their aging parents.

Their energy levels across the four spectrums – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual are very less. They need to be fully engaged to achieve the corporation’s business objectives and goals. Yet, have a balance in their personal lives. It is imperative that the organizations get them engaged so that they are ‘lively’ and can add value through their leadership, expertise and guide their juniors to increased productivity and happiness in their lives.


A very innovative program that is probably the first of its kind in India. Adds huge value to organisations and it shows that they care for this large segment of talented employees. The interactive program will help the participants by understanding their current energy levels and work towards an action plan to gain ‘liveliness’ in their lives.

AUDIENCE 35-45 Mid-level managers

CHANNEL Onsite 1-day workshop followed by one to one support

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