Manoj Ganapathi

Manoj Ganapathi

Technology Advisor

Manoj Ganapathi breathes technology through his vast experience as an IT professional dealing with enterprise and solution architecture, design and implementation of large and complex enterprise systems. In his glorious career spanning companies such as Cognizant, Proteans and SCT, he has worked in multiple technology-oriented and leadership roles across all phases of software development.

He has been a speaker in several technology conferences and a memorable step in his career has been to take the leap of faith and move away from the IT services job and take on the challenges of being on his own as a consultant.

Manoj feels the satisfaction in this unknown zone as the challenges keep him fired up. He also reads extensively on topics ranging from technology, leadership, business, economics and much more. He also plays badminton and swims regularly. The travel bug has caught up with Manoj but some amazing work keeps the bug at bay intermittently.

He is inspired with, ‘Keep it simple and no simpler’ allowing it to seep into his everyday life. His role models include the amazing Elon Musk and Warren Buffet who bring out the best in him.

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