Life & Money collaborates with Garrett Planning Network

Life & Money Joins Hands With Garrett Planning Network, US to Launch an Exclusive ‘The Women Financial Advisers’ Network in India

Women in Finance – Opening up a whole new world of possibilities

Life & Money, an innovative, holistic, digital platform with a vision to empower Indians to lead a ‘rich’ and ‘balanced’ life, and Garrett Planning Network, USA whose mission is to make competent, objective, financial advice accessible to all people; announces its collaboration to launch an exclusive ‘The Women Financial Advisers Network’, a first of its kind in India.

The collaboration, a result of the long term friendship between Sheryl Garrett, recently recognized as an Icon by Investment News, and Partha Iyengar, co-founder and chief executive of Life & Money is expected to revolutionize the field of financial advice by introducing the fee-only model and is positioned to open up new possibilities for both, women financial advisers and their clients.

Sheryl Garrett has a captivating story and is renowned for introducing hourly fee-only financial planning and advice, an innovative, customer centric practice at a time when most people thought it would not work. Launched in 1998, she successfully implemented this model for over 20 years, the network having grown to more than 250 registered investment advisers and currently serving 25,000 clients in the U.S.

Meanwhile in India, a decade ago, with Sheryl Garrett being his friend, role model and mentor, Partha Iyengar pioneered the fee-only model in financial planning and few years later became India’s first financial life planner from Money Quotient, Inc. USA. Inspired by what he unlearned and learned at Money Quotient, he re-branded his firm as ‘Life & Money’ and aside from managing few clients on a fee-only basis, started conducting fee-only holistic financial wellness workshops for millennials across India. Last year, Life & Money built a client engagement platform to help financial advisers to serve retail clients better throughout India.

It is then, a natural affinity and common vision of both businesses, to reproduce and promote their practice through ‘The Women Financial Advisers Network’, at a time when India is poised to accept and reap the benefits from this breakthrough in financial life planning and financial wellness programs. Life & Money is also credited with successfully raising the first ever international crowd-funded campaign focused on financial wellness for millennial women, empowering 500 young women in rural Tumkur District, in India. Partha was recently awarded for the second time as 100 Top Most Influential BFSI Leaders by the World BFSI Congress. He has also been awarded 50 Most Influential Financial Services Marketing Professionals by World Marketing Congress and CMO Asia.

Why the Women Financial Advisers Network?

There are two main propelling factors for the Women Financial Advisers Network.

1. The World Economic forum’s ‘Future of jobs report 2018’ explains that by 2022, one of the top ten jobs will be financial planners and advisers.

2. While the modern business industry is consciously acknowledging that women are a definite force to reckon with, there still exists a huge gender gap at work. India has the highest rate of 24% gender gap at workplace. Specifically, 60% of women under 5 years experience drop off due to starting a family or getting married and moving to another location.

study by yougov shows that 4 out of 5 women want to start their own businesses however not knowing where to start, or worries over financial support and commitment towards family responsibility are their primary challenges.

The study also talks about What Women Want, to be successful entrepreneurs and this includes getting financial support and advice, how to attract customers, practical workshops and network support, thereby focusing on their learnability, independence and empowerment.

The Women Financial Advisers Network in India will focus on all these areas and more.

Sheryl and Partha, buoyed by their experience and evolution in the financial planning and advice practice, are highly optimistic about the prospect of empowering and enabling women advisers to fulfil their vision of managing efficient businesses in the flexible time frame they choose to devote to work and also lead balanced lives.

Women in finance with 1-5 years’ work experience aspiring to work independently, returning moms or tenured finance women practitioners looking for greater flexibility and alternative careers will be awakened to a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities, to enable them to do business on their terms, while being nurtured to lead a healthy, wealthy, happy and meaningful life.

The Women Financial Advisers Network will equip the advisers with information, training, tactical and strategic tools, coaching and the all-round support they need through a 24×7 virtual community, while banking on a holistic, tried and tested financial life planning process that will help both advisers and clients to lead a ‘rich’ and ‘balanced’ life.

To know more about the Financial Women Advisers Network, please see the brochure.

About Life & Money

Life & Money is a Pioneering Digital Platform with a vision to empower Indians to lead a ‘Rich’ and ‘Balanced Life’. Our new initiative of launching the Women Financial Advisers Network in collaboration with the Garrett Planning Network, USA is the first step towards achieving it.

Quick Facts:

2009 – Launched as Accretus Solutions India LLP, serving the HNI clients.

2010 – Launched the Financial Wellness Programs for millennials in corporations and colleges in India.

2011 – Launched the Holistic Financial Wellness Programs covering the qualitative aspects of ‘Life’.

2013 – Rebranded as ‘Life & Money’ and reached out to consumers and financial advisers with our unique Holistic Financial Wellness Programs for consumers and ‘Life Planning’ training programs for Advisers in India. Till date, reached out to more than 4000 participants involving over 100 experiential learning workshops. The success of the program for consumers was significant behavioral change among greater number of participants. The success of the program for Financial Advisers was getting invited to do workshops across the length and breadth of the country. This was primarily through the word of mouth and testimonials.

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