Online Courses

In a world full of information overload and too many choices, Life & Money courses are designed to help you gain clarity, make informed choices and achieve your personal and financial goals.

The courses consist of byte-sized modules by engaging users with short videos focused on simplifying concepts to empower, think, reflect and arrive at their priorities or goals; blogs related to modules and assignments focused on behavior change/action plans relevant to their life and money goals. Additional tools, resources and materials are available for users to gain more clarity and convert their dreams to reality. The program is self-paced and designed  for users with no constraints to access any module sections throughout the year. Nudge based action plans and gamification badges encourage and measure the knowledge gained through information; leading to wisdom in helping participants to change their habits and behaviors towards a balanced and financially healthy life.


Our Life & Money coaches will help you discover your true potential and live your dreams. The one-to-one coaching sessions and group coaching sessions will help you gain clarity on various aspects of your life, identify your personal and financial goals, challenges, help create action plans and nudge you to live your dreams.

Our Life & Money Coaches are women who have prior experience in specific careers who transitioned to become coaches. They have gone through rigorous training and practice for over 15 months and soon will receive their International Certifications in Holistic Wellness and Financial Coaching. To know more about our Coaches, visit the Coaches Directory and you can opt to work with any of our coaches.

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