Core energies and raising our vibration levels.  Core energies consisting of Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.

Core coaching skills comprising Appreciative Enquiry, Motivational Interviewing and GROW Model.

Business Creation, Technology for Scaling up,  Branding and Promotion through Content Marketing.

Financial Concepts and Frameworks including understanding one’s relationship with money

Learning Outcomes

✅ Balance energies – physical, emotional, mental & spiritual

✅ Identify money scripts, beliefs & patterns that transform your relationship with money

✅ Discover core values with an entrepreneurial mindset

✅ Inculcate smart habits & achieve financial wellness goals

✅ Learn to draw plans as per personal & financial goals

✅ Study coaching as a business practice & personal branding

✅ Build an emerging career as a holistic financial wellness coach

Program Curriculum

A) Holistic Wellness Coaching Curriculum focusing on life aspects of Coaching

B) FFC (Financial Fitness Coaching) Curriculum focusing on coaching in the context of money

  • FFC Module 1 – Coaching Foundation
  • FFC Module 2 – Coaching Applications
  • FFC Module 3 – Focusing on Mastery

C) Financial Knowledge – Financial Concepts and Frameworks

104 sessions
208 hours live sessions

3 1:1 mentoring sessions
4.5 hours sessions

1:1 One Page Financial Plan
3 hours

215 hours

Transformation Journeys

Who Can Apply?

Women in the age group of 35-45 years who want to transition their careers as Life & Money Coaches to lead a rich, balanced and meaningful life for themselves and their clients and their families. Women who have worked in a corporate career for more than 10-15 years and want to change their career as Life & Money Coaches. We also wlecome women who are currently  Life Coaches but want to enhance their knowledge in Financial Coaching and Financial Knowledge to serve their clients better.

Coaching involves a deep commitment to understand ourselves better, our belief systems, values, our emotional awareness and intelligence levels, self regulation of our emotions, empathy and various other soft skills that will help us transform our lives and our clients lives. The 12 month program requires perseverance, patience, hard work, adaptability and agility to learn and practice new skills. Most times it will require us to self reflect and unlearn what we have learnt so far in our lives.

If you are ready to transform your life and help serve your clients better you are welcome to apply for our next batch of the Program.

Collaborations and Coaches

Our exclusive collaborations with Sage Financial Solutions Inc, USA and Five Sights Co, Canada have helped us design a very unique curriculum for our members to become world class coaches. Saundra Davis, founder of Sage Financial Solutions Inc is a pioneer in Financial Coaching. Lindsay Hindle, founder of Five Sights Co. focuses on Holistic Wellness and specializes in confidence, focus and follow through mentorship. With the assistance of the two firms we custom designed a curriculum to help our members to uncover their true potential and find purpose and meaning in their lives. After the completion of the program in June 2021, our first cohort of women coaches will receive two international certifications – Financial Fitness Coach from Sage Financial Solutions and Holistic Wellness Coach from Five Sights Co.

The Coaching Faculty for our DYL Program are:

Saundra Davis
Financial Coaching

Lindsay Hindle
Holistic Wellness

Geetha Rao
Neuro Linguistic Programming

Rashmi Saran
Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

Shipra Gupta
Mentor Coaching

Partha Iyengar
Financial Concepts and Frameworks

Coaches Directory

Thomas Elsy

English, Malayalam, Kannada
I am Elsy, I have 22 yrs of work experience in the IT industry in the field of HR. I am a leadership facilitator by profession and it is my passion too. I have trained more than 30000 people across 25 countries. Currently pursuing the DYL 12-month Program involving certifications in Financial Coaching and Holistic Wellness Coaching.

I love working in the field of women's development which is my passion, I also love reading, gardening and long walks.

Primarily by leveraging my skillsets of deep listening, empathy and thought provoking questions; I can help you reflect, gain clarity and purpose in various aspects of your life. Next, I can help you identify your personal and financial goals, draw action plans and be your accountability partner.


Kanal Komal

I have over 15 years of experience in the BFSI sector. Specifically working with Foreign Banks. I took a career break of 2 years to be a volunteer for a well known Youth Organization that inspired me to focus on the journey to self-transformation. Part of this journey is my continuous pursuit of self-growth by attending several courses and receiving certifications to help me become more self-aware, compassionate, and doing purposeful work. Currently pursuing the DYL 12-month Program involving certifications in Financial Coaching and Holistic Wellness Coaching.

I like Traveling, Reading, Outdoor Adventures. To conquer Fear did Bungee Jump, Have a few others on the bucket list. EFT (Healing modality HM), Access Bars Practitioner (HM) Silva method (HM pursuing) Jin Shin Jutsu (HM). I am also a Nature lover, a Strong advocate of bringing compassion at the workplace, Voice over artist (bagged a few ads) and Birder.

I work with budding and small business owners women entrepreneurs, and whoever is willing to change their money story, and trust in abundance for a better tomorrow


Shidhore Prajakta

English, Hindi, Marathi
Prajakta has over 25 years of experience in financial services ranging from valuations to auditing to corporate finance. Prajakta is one of the few experienced Professionals in the Stressed Assets Domain in India. She particularly enjoys working on projects involving turnaround and restructuring of stressed assets. She has worked with ICICI Bank and Deloitte and currently the co-founder of WFAN and Life & Money and Arnav Asset Solutions. Currently pursuing the DYL 12-month Program involving certifications in Financial Coaching and Holistic Wellness Coaching.

Loves trekking, birder, nature walks, reading, Yoga Student, continuous learning professional.

I would like to work with SME promoters by guiding them to gain clarity and purpose in their personal and business lives. Specifically, their business finances. Leveraging my expertise in the financial domain and holistic financial wellness coaching, I believe I can facilitate a transformation journey for business promoters that will help them lead a healthy and fulfilling life while they continue to be a successful entrepreneur.


Shareef Roohi

Urdu, Hindi, Kannada and English
My name is Roohi Shareef, I live in Bangalore which is located in Karnataka, India, I am 42 years old, I have done Bachelor's in commerce from Karnataka University, In my earlier avatar, I worked as an Educator in an alternative school called Shibumi, an offshoot of The Valley School. I have a daughter and a son and both are teenage children. Currently pursuing the DYL 12-month Program involving certifications in Financial Coaching and Holistic Wellness Coaching.

My hobbies are baking, gardening, dancing in the kitchen, acting sometimes. My interests are reading spiritual books, soul-touching content whether it is a book, article, quotes or poetry. My passion is to create an environment that is self-sustainable, create biodiversity in nature, create self-awareness in people, and plant trees as much as possible and see mother earth happy.

I am looking forward to my career in holistic coaching by working with women, youth and others who want to be guided through their inner voice to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. I am specifically curious to work with women to listen to their story and help them find their voice and place in their homes, communities and society. I am thrilled to journey with each one of them who would want to unravel their life journey and find out answers from their own lived experiences.


Bhaskar Gole Shilpa

Shilpa holds a MBA from the Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA) and a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering from RV College of Engineering (RVCE).
English, Hindi
Shilpa started her career post-MBA with Dvara Solutions, designing financial products and wealth management solutions for remote rural customers.

She then went on a break to be with her newborn. With the "newborn" now a preschooler, she is currently pursuing the DYL 12-month Program involving certifications in Financial Coaching and Holistic Wellness Coaching.

I love birding, trekking, cycling, running, basketball, swimming and any other excuse to remain outdoors!

As a Financial Coach and Planner, I partner with creative, independent, ambitious women to help them feel meaningful and confident with money.

My Approach:
1) Easygoing, free-flowing conversations with YOU at the centre
2) Discovering your life goals and money beliefs
3) Building a Financial Action Plan
4) Follow-through and Accountability to achieve your goals


Raju Sudha

Kannada and English
I am a working professional with 13 years of experience in KPO and other firms. Currently pursuing the DYL 12-month Program involving certifications in Financial Coaching and Holistic Wellness Coaching.

I like to listen to music and dance. I read books and love to experiment with new cooking recipes. My passion is to help people and the community.

I would like to help you to manage your money with an abundance of positivity. And grow as an individual in a holistic way.

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