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The Huffington Post

Anu Krishna : Cracking the Code to Living a Happy AND Meaningful Life

3.45 am January 29 2017. An early 40s woman and a mother of two teenagers wake up to get ready for her 1st Marathon for the year. Marathon done with great joy and timing. After all, it was for a cause as well. The Famous Pinkathon in India. At 2 pm she is at a college conducting conducting an energizing workshop for the youth…

The Economic Times

Don’t touch retirement kitty to fund goals of kids

When Pune-based senior citizen Nandkishore Rameshwar stood guarantor for his son’s education loan of Rs 7 lakh in 2011, he couldn’t have imagined how badly things could go wrong. His son completed his MBA and got a job, only to lose, two years back. Now 68, Rameshwar is forced to work as a restaurant manager so that he can pay the…

The Huffington Post

Shweta Shidhore : One Millennial’s Fascinating Journey into the World of UX Design

“Don’t be defined by what you didn’t know or didn’t do. You’re deciding your life right now.” –  Meg Jay, Author of ‘The Defining Decade – Why your twenties matter’

When I read this quote from Meg Jay’s book, I found this pretty much depicts the story of Shweta Shidhore.  Shweta is a passionate millennial woman…

The Economic Times

What to do when campus placements for jobs go haywire

With an increasing number of companies deferring the joining dates of new recruits hired through campus placements, there is consternation among students and educational institutions alike. At times like this, job aspirants could do well to keep the following points in mind…

The Huffington Post

Women Empowerment and Financial Freedom

“There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.” – Kofi Annan

Few months ago, I had conducted an exclusive workshop for women on Life & Money at Bangalore, India. I learnt much more conducting the workshop than the participants probably learnt from my facilitation of the workshop. I vividly recall one of the participant’s story about…

The Huffington Post

How Can We Empower the Millennials to Live their Dreams

‘You have to dream before your dreams can come true’ – Abdul Kalam

I live in India where more than half the population is below 35 years or what we call universally as ‘Millennials’ or Gen Y generation. In number terms it translates to over 500 million! In the U.S…

The Huffington Post

How I Redefined My Success to Achieve My Life Goals and Create a Happier Life

You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. – Steve Jobs

One day on a late evening in March 2014 in Mumbai, I was checking my emails for one last time before going to sleep. There was Marie Forleo’s email with a subject line “Why you should…

Council of Financial Planners India: FP Pulse Annual Convention Issue

How Financial Life Planning can help the Youth to Live their Dreams

Few months ago, while I was in the middle of a conversation with a close friend in his office [who is a Professor in a College, near Bangalore], my friend suddenly got up and said ‘I am now going to introduce you to my final year MBA students in the class. The objective for you is to motivate them to achieve success in their lives…

The Economic Times

Go on a Crash Course and Gain Some Market Insights

The stock market is volatile, gold has lost its glitter and debt market is stuck in a groove. Individual investors are hard hit by the negative news from all quarters. Some concerned souls are taking short-term courses that promise to help them manage their money…

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