Advisory Board

Sheryl Garrett
Founder, Garrett Planning Network, U.S.A.

Founder of Garrett Planning Network. Has co-authored or served as a technical editor on over a dozen books and several magazine columns on subject of financial planning and personal finance. Investment News voted her as Top 15 Transformational Advisors for 2013. Recently, Sheryl Garrett was signed up for ‘Meet the Experts’ Series by Wall Street Journal.

Holly Buchanan
CEO, Buchanan Marketing LLC, U.S.A.

Holly Buchanan is a popular speaker, author and sales & marketing consultant. She focuses on consumer insights, specifically the difference between men and women while making buying decisions. Holly works with several clients in financial and health industry. Holly is the author of ‘Selling Financial Services to Women’ and co-author of ‘The Soccer Mom Myth’.

Michael Kitces
Partner and Research Director, Pinnacle Advisory Services, U.S.A.

He is a practitioner editor of the Journal of Financial Planning, publisher of The Kitces Report and the financial planning blog Nerd’s Eye View. Investment News voted him as Top 15 Transformational Advisors for 2013. Michael is focused on advancing the profession through his cutting edge research and writing that helps advisors and consumers.

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