The following blog is by Kali Hawlk originally published in her blog.

Working on Bed

People usually don’t need help in knowing what to do. We know.

We know that to do better with money, we need to spend less and save more. We know that to lose weight and get fit, we need to eat healthy and exercise. We know that if we want to get better or develop a skill, we need to practice.

Giving someone the knowledge to complete this task or that project doesn’t solve the problem, because a lack of knowing how is rarely the root of the issue for motivated makers and doers.

If you’re hung up and feeling creatively blocked, seeking answers won’t move you past feeling uncertain of what’s next. You don’t need more information in your head. You just need to know how to ask the right questions.

You need to ask the questions and examine the ideas that stick with you. What’s that nagging thought that simply won’t go away? What question lazily swims across the pool of your consciousness, always when you least expect it to surface?

You don’t necessarily need the answers right away — just the question, and a willingness to ask more.

What questions rattle around your brain? What thoughts cling to your mind — maybe not always front and center, but certainly always lurking around the corners, waiting for you to shine a light on them?

And will you be brave enough to explore those thoughts once you pin them down?

Will you continue to ask yourself the questions that matter? Will you dedicate yourself to finding you why — why these questions, thoughts, feelings, wants, ideas..?

About the author: Kali Hawlk is a financial writer who is passionate about helping Millennials learn more about money. She also works as a content marketing manager for financial professionals to help advisors and planners build better businesses and brands online. Kali is a contributor to Clark Howard, The Huffington Post, ReadyForZero, Magnify Money, and FeeX. She’s also been featured on and quoted in Forbes, US News and World Report, and AOL’s Daily Finance. To learn more and get in touch, please visit

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