@!#  In the age of Facebook  you want the whole world as your friends!  Ok..lets count.  My facebook page tells me I have 284 friends. And you? 500? 800? 1000? 5000?

So, how many friends do we really ‘need’ in life?

5 friends
Photo Credit, David Niblack, Imagebase.net.

Apparently, we just need ‘FIVE’ friends in life!  But  why?  Because, our modern life requires at least these 5 friends in our lives.  Research by Nationwide Building Society in the U.K.  indicate that we need minimum of  5 friends and colleagues to share our problems and get great advice.

Now, how am I supposed to know who are those five friends that I really need?

Researchers say having someone like an Agony Aunt to cry or listen to your problems, followed by a loved one who will put an arm around you and provide emotional support. The third most needed friend is someone on financial matters and advice on debt, how to save and invest money.  The fourth one is a knowledgeable friend or family member you look up to for advice on life’s practical matters. And finally, a colleague you can look for help and advice in the office.

‘No matter how strong and independent people are, we all need someone to lean on at key stages of life’, said Susan Quiliam a relationship psychologist in the U.K.

Interestingly, the researchers found out that despite average Facebook user  having 190 friends, 32% of the Britons still don’t feel they have anyone really on their side.

I found my 5 best friends! What about you?

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