When the new iPhone released recently, a few of my friends had eagerly gone down to the store to pick up the new gadget. And another few went on to say that probably Apple would launch a new version within a few months and it should be worth the wait.

Whether it’s an Apple or a Blackberry or any other fruity gadget, is it worth trashing your one year old phone for the new shiny version? A few would say…hey most of my friends have the phone…it’s awesome…I should get it too! Others may say I’m good with what I have. And the early adopters would run to the store on the release date, only to be disappointed that the new features aren’t really useful and they should have waited for the next version! What sort of tech buyer are you?

Technology is rapidly changing. Each new gadget has something even better…and each new gadget has a price attached to it!

Is it worth buying now? What you do need to consider is your personal needs and the budget!

We all belong to a nation of shopaholics and techies. We all are tempted to buy the best at every turn. And this applies to laptops as well! But then think about what you may have to give up: a vacation, a one month EMI payment for your new car, or an increased credit interest to pay…the list goes on.

And the best say is: If it isn’t broken, or lost or stolen…you might as well not need one until we see something like a Grape or a Door instead of the usual apple, blackberry or even windows to pinch our pockets!

Enjoy: Youtube Video

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